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Dosair is a vibrant young, KwaZulu Natal based Graphic Design and Software Company which also specializes in Market Research for businesses and individuals who are looking to venture into new markets. We pride ourselves in providing world-class creative services to the public and to the private sector.

Customer Care

Since 2015, we have been ensuring the highest standards of service and we insist on professionalism in every area of operation. In every engagement, we seek to find the best method to meet client’s specific requirements efficiently and effectively. We pay close attention to the finer details to make sure that we provide a complete service to our clients.

Passion Projections

As the world evolves and the Artificial Intelligence age approaches, we have made a consious decision to invest some of our assets in developing systems and mobile applications which can better serve our communities. These are projects like Respo which is a system to help equip victims and citizen with the right assistance for emergency and threatening situation. We also have a project called iSpan currently being developed by Graduates for thosewho struggled to find placement in various companies after graduation.


“We have undertaken a mission of creating systems and products that connect African Business using techonlogy and design. ”


“We envision ourselves being a major player in helping to take African businesses and products to a Global Market, using innovative technology and design.”


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